The ForceShadow Quadrilogy takes place between the official STAR WARS Episodes III and IV. It starts with the Order 66 and ends with the attack on the rebel corvette Tantive IV by Darth Vader´s imperial Stardestroyer. Our ForceShadow adventure neither fills the gap between the official movies nor do we consider it part of the Expanded Universe.

ForceShadow I ForceShadow II ForceShadow III ForceShadow IV

The following pages give a brief summary of each ForceShadow Episode. As we are presenting details which may spoil the story for you, we strongly suggest you stop reading here if you plan to read or listen to our ForceShadow stories in the near future.

ForceShadow I

Right after the happenings of „Episode III - Revenge of the Sith” the Jedi all over the galaxy are being confronted with Palpatine’s order to kill all Jedi. It is called “Order 66”. But deep in the jungle of Kashyyk, one Clone remains allegiant to his Jedi General Nokas Mepur. In the meantime, on a small Republican Corvette, Jedi Padawans Nilas Dihr´thu and Sweit Cheef manage to escape the deadly assassination. But they have to pay a disastrous price. And when fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker manages to find a thousand year-old Sith artefact in the Jedi temple, a hunt for life and death begins for all of them. 

Release Date: 21. of September 2007
Formats: Novel, Audio Book
Run time: 78 minutes
Languages: German, English

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ForceShadow II

9 years have passed since Clone Commander Tio Man betrayed the Empire and Nokas Mepur managed to escape with his help. Mepur lived in exile on remote planet Sleheyron ever since. While the stranded Jedi has started a new life, former Padawans Nilas Dihr´thu and Sweitt Cheef wander on dark paths in the underworld of Coruscant. On their meander they manage to get Vader’s Sith artifact into their possession, the mask of an old Sith-Lord. The curse of this Lord, however, is an immensely bigger threat to them than Vader’s anger on the thievery. The Emperor, unhappy with Vader’s progress on his hunt on the remaining Jedi, sends out his most devious Officers to assist Vader, among them young Captain Thrawn. This Thrawn has his own diabolic plans to get rid of the Jedi once and for all, including Galve Mepur, the son of stranded Jedi Nokas. And when a rebellion against the Empire is let loose on the planet Camino, fate brings them all together and even the Force itself is tipped off-balance. 

Release Date: 26. of Dezember 2008
Formats: Novel, Audio Book
Run time: 154 minutes
Languages: German, English

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ForceShadow III

After he barely escaped the catastrophe on Camino, former Jedi-Master Nokas Mepur follows the trail of the kidnappers of his son Galve. His desperate hunt leads him into the underworld of Tatooine, where he meets an old friend. Meanwhile, the rebel alliance led by Mon Mothma emerges from its shadow existence. For Nilas Dihr-thu, however, the shadows take a new and serious form in his alliance with the dark Sith-Lord. As the mask of Nihilus gets more powerful by the minute, Darth Vader starts his hunt for the last Jedi alive.

Release Date: 1. of November 2014
Formats: Novel, Audio Book
Run time: 469 minutes
Languages: German, English

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ForceShadow IV

It is a dark time for the fallen republic. When Sith-Lord Darth Vader finds out that some Jedi living in exile even started up their own families, the hunt begins anew, aiming to liquidate all possible Force-sensitive heirs as well. Young Galve Mepur, a soldier in service of Naboo by now, becomes the focus of Vader’s hunt. His visions lead him to Tatooine and to an old friend of his murdered father – another traitor to the Empire, namely former Clonetrooper Tio Man. Together, they confront Vader’s men, thus ending up right in the epicenter of the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. At the same time, fallen Jedi Nilas Dihr’thu is scraping a living in his remote hideout. Still under the influence of the diabolic Sith mask, he gets himself ready for his last battle.

Release Date: still open
Formats: Novel, Audio Book, Film
Run time: still open
Languages: English, German (Subtitles)