Although some characters of the original STAR WARS saga play a role, our ForceShadow saga relies on its own heroes and villains. The following overview gives you a brief introduction into the upbringing, the views and important moments in the lives of our main characters.

Born on Naboo and grown up in the Jedi temple on Coruscant, young Nokas Mepur becomes close friends with Padawan Nilas Dihr’thu who is nearly of the same age. Nokas, being the older and especially more cool-headed pupil of Jedi Master Ras Ti Kal, reaches the rank of a Jedi Knight way earlier than his fellow pupil Nilas. When Nokas leaves Coruscant years later on a Jedi mission to Kashyyk, he has no clue that this will be his last battle in the name of the Republic. By order of the Supreme Chancellor the clones turn on him and he is suddenly in need of more allies than the Force alone.

Bred on the basis of genetic material from bounty hunter Jango Fett and trained to fight, that is what defines who Clone Commander Tio Man is. But when Order 66 is proclaimed, he defies the direct order of the Supreme Chancellor. He has little time to find out why he was able to do so, however, because his treachery makes him himself one of the hunted.

Although his physical abilities are not par with those of his older friend and fellow pupil Nokas, Padawan Nilas is the one with the higher potential in the Force. Only his impatience and his unpredictability in some cases have lead the Jedi Council to the decision that he is not yet mature enough to take part in the Jedi trials. When the war reaches its climax and Order 66 commands the Jedi to be killed, his special situation forces him into a diabolic trial no Jedi Master could have prepared him for.

He is not especially enthusiastic when Sweitt Cheef finds out he has to go on a mission with moody young human Nilas Dihr’thu. But soon, after their first couple of adventures together, they become close friends, Sweitt being the serene and calm counterpart to the harsh and irascible temper of his friend. But on their last mission even the cool-headed Vulk hits the wall.

Trapped in his toiling armor and bereft of most of his former Force potential, Darth Vader finds out that he is by far not strong enough to free himself of the Emperor’s shackles. The finding of a millennia-old mask promises him the needed strength, but to unveil its secrets he has to follow paths no one has ever walked before.

Although Ras Ti Kal has never been part of the Jedi Council, he always enjoyed its confidence. Besides training countless Padawan-pupils, he is often sent on secret missions to remote planets. When he gets wounded heavily in the Battle of Geonosis, he loses his mobility and is forced to serve in the Jedi Temple. Right in the temple, on the supposedly safest place in the galaxy, however, the biggest of all threats awaits to be released.

Mitth'raw'nuruodo, so his full name, has always known that a blueskinned Chiss like him would never make many friends in the alien-inimical Empire. Being a brilliant strategian, however, he manages easily to get into the Emperor’s favour and can solve problems his way from then on. The mission to find the last of the remaining Jedi arouses his personal interest. Only Palpatine’s personal executor, Darth Vader, could become a problem for him and cause his strategy to fail. But, fortunately, the Jedi themselves hand him the best weapons without knowing.

From his first day with the Empire, being one of the first recruited Stormtroopers, Lang Kawi has always been surrounded by clone troops. He learned to appreciate them because of their precision and their obedience as well as to scorn them because of their arrogance and their caginess towards non-clones. Only when he meets clone Commander Tio Man he is forced to rethink his attitude towards them. As the two have to entrust their lives to each other on a special mission, the comrades become friends.

Since the beginning of the Rebellion and their hiding in the shadows, Mon Mothma has become one of the official traitors to the Empire and a popular target for many a bounty hunter. When she falls into Jabba The Hut’s hands, it seems that not even the grown influence of the Rebel Alliance can save her from certain execution. But among the other captives she meets a species long believed to be dead that could change everything.  

With the attack of the Empire on his home planet Galve’s youth ends early and painful. In the following years he witnesses his own Force-sensitivity and the exceptional abilities coming with it more than once. To protect him, however, his father Nokas hides the fact that he himself was a Jedi once and the power Galve could unleash. But after his father’s death, Galve’s true heritage unveils itself and he has no choice but to confront his father’s former enemies with the Force as his new ally.

Always looking for filthy jobs, the biggest gangster lord of Tatooine does not hesitate to sell a Jedi to the Empire to make a fortune. When the Hutt tries to deceive his trade partners, however, he attracts the attention of Palpatine’s best officer and a significant part of the Imperial Fleet. In the end, his only choice is to flee to his hideouts in the Outer Rim. But even here his enemies wait, concealed in his network. As he realizes that the interest of his hunters is not on him but on his prisoners, it is already too late.

For a long time now, the devious Twilek has led a frustrating life as a henchman of Jabba the Hut. When he coincidentally gets the opportunity to capture a Jedi alive, he sees his chance to become a big player in the crime organization. He seizes his chance and becomes part of a trade where his own life is suddenly at stake.

After his father’s death, young Boba Fett has not many alternatives to becoming a bounty hunter himself. It does not take long before the rulers of the underworld as well as the Empire long for his skills. The supposedly easy mission to capture a stranded Jedi turns out to be a complex manhunt of whole generations. On its end, he is to execute none less than his own brother.

Many times the wise Jedi Master has been able to foresee the future. But when he sends Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Nokas Mepur on their missions, he has no idea on how tragic terms the two of them would meet again in the future. Being in exile on Dagobah years later, he once again witnesses how the Force is tipped off-balance by the return of an ancient Sith shadow. But blackness is not all he feels. And where shadow is, there must also be light. 

By the age of 14, Juno Eclipse happened to be the youngest cadet in the Imperial Academy on Corulag and she graduated as top of her class. She proves her talent as a pilot and her believe into the Empire working for Captain Voss Parck which gets her being handpicked by Darth Vader himself for the elite squad called the Black Eight. The moment Vader makes her work as a pilot for his secret apprentice is when the Imperial record on Juno Eclipse misteriously ends.

When the part-time gangster and former ship engineer of Jabba the Hutt awakes in a dark cell in the basement of the Hutt's fortress, Rafe knows his death is near. This is not the way he had imagined his deal with Jabba. Did the Besalisk come too close to the ganster boss or the Empire? His most important secret, however, his real identity, has not been discovered yet.

Voss Parck is protected by Thrawn, being his first and - for a long time - only human friend, but Parck is also hidden in Thrawn's long shadow. Still, he himself is an experienced Commander, a veteran of the Clone Wars, and he has worked for the Empire for more than 19 years as a dependable and loyal captain. But the moment he has finally managed to become Commander of the gigantic space station Reithi Adamant VII, the Rebel Alliance threatens to destroy all his plans.